Back Pain? Neck Pain? Headaches? Sciatica? Injuries? Auto Accidents?

We've successfully helped people with these problems for 30 years, and would love to help you.

NH Chiros' team of experienced chiropractors are skilled in the most gentle natural healing techniques, and are committed to helping people just like you awaken and release their own natural healing powers.

Your body has a profound innate power that constantly works to heal you. It just needs a little help sometimes! Real healing is actually quite simple, because that essence is constantly trying to heal us all. By using gentle techniques to remove stored tension and interference, we help your body to heal all on its own, gently and naturally.

To contact our practice at any time, or to request an appointment with one of our chiropractors, please visit the Appointment Request section of our website, or call our office at (603) 772-6400. 

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Dr. Ken George, DC

Since childhood, I have wondered what real healing is all about. After a lifetime of exploring, I opened this practice in 1992 and have discovered that real healing is actually quite simple. In fact, it is too simple for words.

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