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By Dr. Ken George & Associates, P.A.
March 28, 2017
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Back pain should never be a normal part of your everyday life. Find out how we can help.back pain

You wouldn’t believe how many people have to put up with chronic back pain. It’s a problem that many people suffer through in silence. Who knows, a friend, loved one or even your cubicle mate may be suffering. Perhaps you are the one that’s been dealing with back pain for far too long. Our Stratham, NH, chiropractors Dr. Ken George and Dr. Nicholas Rost believe that pain shouldn’t become the norm.

So, how exactly can getting chiropractic care in Stratham, NH, help your back pain?

Spinal manipulation is just one of the ways to provide relief for those dealing with mild-to-moderate back pain. This is a completely safe and effective way to treat your discomfort.

What is spinal manipulation?

Perhaps you’ve heard of it before but you aren’t quite sure what it is. This therapy requires applying a controlled amount of force over the spinal joints. Our chiropractors may apply pressure by using their hands or with special instruments. By applying this specific amount of force we can help to realign the joints in the spine, take pressure off these areas, improve blood flow and healing, reduce pain and enhance range-of-motion and function.

What other ways can I treat my back pain?

While you will continue to come in for spinal manipulation therapy whenever recommended, there are certain things that we will also advise you to do on a regular basis such as making ergonomic changes at work, exercising regularly or changing the type of exercises you perform to accommodate your back problems.

We may also recommend heat/ice therapy, massage, or even dietary changes to help you lose weight (if being overweight could be causing or exacerbating your back pain).

Whether you have questions about getting back pain treatment in Stratham, NH, or you want to find out what our chiropractors can do for you, call NH Chiros today at (603) 772-6400 to learn more and to book your next visit. Relief is on the way!

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