Neck Pain

Neck Pain

The cervical spine or neck connects directly to the brain stem to the spinal cord. This area has soft tissue such as tendons and ligament Neck Pain as well as many blood vessels. Neck pain is a bit less common than back pain, but just as important and certainly treatable. One of the most common symptoms of neck pain is an ache that runs down the arm sometimes even into the hands or the fingers with numbness and tingling.

Some of the most common causes of neck pain include and are not limited to:

  • Cervical stenosis: Caused by a degenerative joint or herniated disc. This can lead to pain down the arm or shooting pain in the arms and legs
  • Cervical herniated disc (s)
  • Muscle strain degeneration of the facet joint cartilage
  • Osteoarthritis of weight-bearing joints such as the knees or the hips
  • A sprain of the ligaments, tendons or muscles in the neck area
  • Foraminal stenosis: This condition can lead to degenerative changes in the neck joints because of a pinched nerve or herniated disc. This can lead to chronic neck pain.

Repeatedly carrying heavy items, sleeping in awkward positions or being in a car accident all can cause or increase the pain. Most minor injuries in the neck can be treated with rest, ice or heat, and chiropractic care or physical therapy.

Feeling good shouldn’t have to be a luxury. Dr. Ken George and Dr. Nicholas Rost are well versed in examining patients and offering helpful treatment methods that will relieve pain for their patients. Sometimes treating this pain when it first begins will limit how far it advances. This makes it important to call our Stratham, NH, office to schedule an appointment quickly. For your questions about neck pain, call our office today at 603-772-6400. We cannot wait to help you restore your health.

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